deCS 2.1

deCS [dɛks].


Comma Serarated Values
diergo.csv This package provides classes to parse and generate the comma separated values format.


Array Handling
diergo.array This package provides array utilities.
diergo.array.mapped This package provides mapping from and to arrays.


example This package contains examples to illustrate usage of csv classes.


Other Packages
diergo.array.test This package provides mocks to support unit tests.


deCS [dɛks]


This library offers support for parsing and generating the Comma Separated Values data format (csv) as defined by RFC 4180.

The library contains a bunch of array support and some specialized implementations to handle csv data as string arrays. Just to handle csv data, the array packages can be ignored.

The Archive contains a Main class to be used as a command line utility.

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deCS 2.1

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